• John Baier's Rolf Method

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  • John Baier

    John has achieved a real mastery of Rolf Method Bodywork. His ability to see structure, and create powerful remedy is truly magical. I recommend his work to anybody who wants to evolve their body to a new level of comfort, efficiency, grace and power.

    -Dan Bienenfeld, Hellerwork Practitioner

    John first experienced Rolfing in 1973 absolutely amazed at its results. "I sought out every person who Dr. Rolf had personally instructed, and particularly those she choose as her first teachers, and received many hundreds of sessions of Structural Integration. I am currently honored to have the esteemed Emmett Hutchins as my primary mentor, who promised Ida on her death bed to carry her work forward in it's purest form, as long as he lived. After training in Hellerwork, and at the Rolf Institute, I graduated from the Guild for Structural Integration in Boulder, CO and have practiced in the Zuma Terrace building in Malibu since 1997. Dr. Rolf was a genius whose understandings about the body are the reason her method is uniquely effective. Whether seeking relaxation, or the deepest manipulation an injury or athlete may require Dr. Rolf's method can be tailored for you. I deliver results!"

    • Integration & Deep Tissue Massage
    • Sports massage
    • Remedial massage
    • Fasical Fitness
    • Myofascial release