Single Session Treatment

Using a standardized approach to asses movement, posture, and function, it is often possible to achieve long-lasting results with a focused and direct approach.

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The TEN Series

Structural integration is designed into a process or program of TEN sessions that systematically and methodically works through the whole body to achieve integration and offer maximum healing benefits.

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Three Session Precision Series

These are a mini-series of customized sessions with a specific focus and goal that often seeks to address a specific client need.

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Since 1993


Structural Integration is a time proven manual therapy technique which restructures the fascial matrix of the body.  Following in the traditional techniques of Dr. Rolf, Rolf Method of Malibu offers you access to this increasingly rare technique of manual therapy that is unlike any other form of deep tissue or physical therapy.

Many troublesome conditions and injuries can be ameliorated in one, two or three sessions. Sequential sessions build on each other and compund to encourage the body to find a higher level of movement and comfort. As connective tissues lengthen, loosen, rehydrate and become more elastic we see better posture and skeletal alignment is achieved.

Sought out by tri-athletes, surfers, skiers, cyclisits, housewives, teenagers, and executives, and for cases where other modalities were not successful, the Rolf Method has time and again provided proven positive results. Dr. Oz said in a past interview, "Rolfing literally releases the joints, and it frees you up to live the way you are supposed to."




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