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The TEN Series

The TEN Series  is the culmination of Ida’s lifelong observation of form, structure and function and is her greatest contribution to the field of somatics: how humans might find true freedom and joy living in our physical bodies and be supported by gravity instead of dragged down by it.

Ida envisioned the TEN session series to be the greatest gift a person could give themselves to take their bodies to the next level of power, grace, comfort and mastery available to each of us at any given point in our lives, no matter our age.

For many years the only way to get Rolf Structural Integration was to commit to a TEN Series, because that is how Ida wanted her work to be delivered to the world.

While each session works with a particular area of the body, the series is not just a sequence of tasks, but ten goals to be met in the body, each building on the other.

Along the way fascial restrictions are released, breath capacity is increased, stride length enhanced and more uprightness and power is found in the body.

Structural Integration is somatopsychic in nature.  The work while freeing us physically also frees us from body armoring & emotional holding patterns.